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Spring Forward TV

In between Spring Forward live streamed performances (22-24 April) join our hosts Sarah Blanc and Veronika Štefanová for Spring Forward TV, a series of lively interviews with choreographers and dancers and discussion about European contemporary dance.

This year Sarah Blanc (pic) our amazing Spring Forward TV presenter and a performer / choreographer herself  is joined by Veronika Štefanová, a Czech journalist specialised in theatre, dance and contemporary circus.

TWEET us your thoughts and questions on the shows at  #SpringForward16 as we'll be reading out as many reactions as possible!

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Origami / Compagnie Furinkaï

Bassano del Grappa / Italia

ohne nix

ohne nix / Luke Baio & Dominik Grünbühel

Operaestate Festival Veneto, Bassano, Italy

Hope Hunt

Hope Hunt / Oona Doherty

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Vocazione all’Asimmetria

Vocazione all’Asimmetria / Francesca Foscarini

Bassano del Grappa, Italy


Adorabilis / Jonas&Lander