What is Aerowaves? A hub for dance discovery in Europe

We create cross-border performance opportunities for emerging choreographers. Our network shares resources and insights. We actively enhance connections between dance artists, programmers and audiences across Europe.

About Aerowaves

Our Initiatives

  • Aerowaves Twenty

    Aerowaves holds an annual open call for emerging choreographers working in geographic Europe who want to become one of the Aerowaves Twenty.

    These selected artists represent the most exciting dance makers in Europe and are promoted by Aerowaves for a year. Presenting partners of the Aerowaves Network choose to programme at least three of the Aerowaves Twenty in their venues or festivals.

  • Spring Forward

    Aerowaves’ three day festival is held in a different European city in April each year. At least 10 of the Aerowaves Twenty are invited to perform at Spring Forward, alongside others from previous years. About 100 programmers from Europe and further afield attend Spring Forward, in addition to local audiences. Most of the festival will be Live Streamed from 2015.

    Visit the Spring Forward site

  • Springback

    Springback Magazine is place to read about, watch and hear about dance. A place where you can feel the pulse of contemporary movements across Europe, through opinion, commentary and reflection. A place to explore dance, and experience dance.

    Founded in 2018, Springback Magazine is an evolution of Springback Academy weekend

    Read here

  • Springback Academy

    Springback Academy offers a unique chance for emerging dance writers to be mentored by professional critics during an international festival. It takes place during Spring Forward each year. Springback Academy experiments with forms of dance writing and positively impacts on the quality of dance criticism online. 

    Read their reviews here.

  • Audiences

    Aerowaves provides grants to its partners so that they can create projects that will entice and engage local audiences in the work of the Aerowaves Twenty artists they present. By supporting the network partners directly, Aerowaves encourages greater focus on building audiences for emerging artists. The partners generate resources and practical knowledge to share across the network.

Aerowaves is sustained as a vibrant community of interest by a balance of generosities.

One partner assumes the costs of the annual meeting…
The other partners pay their way to get there…
The expenses of performances are met by those who present them…
The public buy their tickets…

From 2017, Aerowaves is supported for four years by the European Union through a Creative Europe Platforms award.

Find dance performances by Aerowaves Twenty artists


Warrior / Anne-Mareike Hess

Aarhus (DK)


Warrior / Anne-Mareike Hess

Guimares (PT)