Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus

Oona DohertyHope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus

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Oona Doherty performs a distillation of the Male and thumping sweaty theatre. Go on a journey through a dirty Europe between violence and the sublime. Hope Hunt attempts to deconstruct the stereotype of the working-class male, and raise it up into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. It is a hunt for hope.

Concept, choreography, performance: Oona Doherty
Sound: Oona Doherty, Chris McCorry and Strength NIA
Light: Sarah Gordon
Hunter in the Car+ post show DJ: Luca Truffarelli
Technical Director and legend: Sarah Gordon
Produced by : Sarah Gordon and Oona Dohertym
Original Hunter Juice, and continued Chi : Neil Brown
Co-production: Arts Council of Northern Ireland, British Council 2015–2016.
Pictures: Graham

Winner of the 2016 Dublin Tigre Fringe Award : Best Performance. Nominated for Best Production

Winner of the Total Theatre Award for Dance at Edinburgh Festival 2017

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Oona Doherty is an Irish Choreographer based in Belfast. Oona studied at London School Of Contemporary Dance, University of Ulster and LABAN London (BA Honors and Post Graduate in Contemporary Dance Studies).

Since 2010 she has created and toured internationally dance and theatre works with Companies such as TRASH (NL), Abbattoir Ferme (BE), Veronika Riz (IT), Emma Martin /United Fall (IE)

Oona’s work has been recently performed at festivals around Europe including Ravnedans Festival Norway, and the Dublin Dance Festival. Her creations include 'Docnite', the first full length programme of her original work consisting of three episodes exploring metaphysical states; 'Hard to be Soft – Episode One: Lazarus and The Birds of Paradise' (Belfast Children’s Festival and Dublin Dance Festival); 'Hope Hunt' (Galway Dance Days, Tiger Dublin Fringe), 'Leather Jacket Deluxe', 'Lady Magma' and 'Echo Hunt'.

Oona has been teaching dance theatre workshops in Europe since 2012. She is an ISSAC  Associate Artist.

In 2016 Oona became The MAC Belfast HATCH Artist and Prime Cut Productions REVEAL Artist.

 ''My work attempts to play with the barrier between the flesh and the soul, the audience and the stage; to share a kinetic experience. I’m motivated to explore states of pure metaphysical honesty. To bring the sex, the punk, the romance and the chi back into the body, the black box, the white cube, and Ireland.’'

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