The Rest is Silence

Hege HaagenrudThe Rest is Silence

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An atmospheric and harrowing piece pushing the boundaries of dance and theatre, The Rest is Silence takes us at the heart of a relationship between mother and daughter. Four dancers respond to the voice of British actor Kate Pendry, narrating fragments from a traumatic childhood. Hege Haagenrud tells you about despair without being desperate, and lets you in to experiences that you had never before imagined.

Choreography: Hege Haagenrud
Text/voice over: Kate Pendry                                                                                                              
Manuscript:Kate Pendry, Hege Haagenrud and Mads Sjøgård Pettersen   
Dancers:  Ingrid Haakstad, Stian Danielsen, Marie Male Kalstø og Anne Lise Pettersen Rønne.
Composer: Jenny Hval
Set design: Carl Nilssen-Love
Costume: Camilla Dingsøyr
Dramaturge/artistic producer: Gry Ulfeng
Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fritt Ord and FFUK.

Pictures: Siren Lauvdal

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Hege Haagenrud, born in 1973, is a choreographer living in Oslo, Norway. She works at the interface between dance and theatre. Haagenrud was educated at The Academy of Dance at the National College of Performing Arts in Oslo, and Studio Harmonic in Paris.

Since 2007, she has created fourteen choreographies and from 2011 to 2013 she was the recipient of an Arts Council work-scholarship.

In 2007 Haagenrud was awarded an anniversary prize on the occasion of Performing Arts Hub Norway’s 30th anniversary, a prize presented by the Minister of Culture and awarded to a production characterised by a strong artistic courage.

Haagenrud has been the most performed choreographer for young audiences in the past five years in Norway. Her productions tour nationally, and have made an increasing impact internationally.

The performance ‘The rest is silence’ was nominated for  the Norwegian Critics Award in 2016.

In Spring 2017 she will choreograph a piece for the National Ballet in Oslo.

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