Opportunities for Artists All you need to know about applying to the Aerowaves Twenty

Opportunities for Artists

Why apply to Aerowaves?

  • Reach a network

    Everyone who applies to Aerowaves has the chance to have their work programmed by the partners of the network, whether or not they are selected as Aerowaves artists. Around 100 performance opportunities are guaranteed by the partners and supported by Aerowaves each year.

  • Exposure for your work

    Should you be selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty, your work will be promoted by Aerowaves via its website for one year by an artist profile, with images, video and press coverage all in one place.

  • Promotional Opportunities

    As one of the Aerowaves Twenty, you will be able to announce your forthcoming performances in the Aerowaves calendar and we will share this through our networks and social media.

  • Spring Forward

    You may be selected to perform your work at our Spring Forward Festival which will take place in Elefsina, Greece from 6-9 May 2021

  • If at first...

    If you are not selected in one year, it is worth applying again (with a different work) in subsequent years. This can help to build recognition and understanding for your work, especially if you are a very new choreographer. 

How to apply


Application Tips

  • Read the eligibility criteria thoroughly before putting your application together
  • Get your application in as early as possible
  • Give yourself plenty of time to upload your video to Vimeo – technical hitches cause stress, especially at the last minute!
  • Make sure the video of the work you are submitting is of the highest possible quality and correct length
  • Let your national Aerowaves representatives know that you are applying and invite them to see your performance live

Providing your video on Vimeo

  • Please upload your video to Vimeo (preferably in HD) and include the link in your application form. If you have a Vimeo Plus account please enable 'download' in the settings so we can download it. If you don't then upload a version to Vimeo that is less than 500MB (to avoid paying a subscription), and send a bigger file (if available) via a service like We Transfer, to info@aerowaves.org. The ideal dimensions are 1920 x 1080 in HD, but please try to keep your file to under 2GB. There must be a version of the work online, and we must also have a copy on file
  • Use the privacy settings if you do not wish it to be public, but include the password in your application form
  • Please include a 100 word statement about the work in the description box of your Vimeo upload - it can include factual and contextual information about the work (also include this 100 word statement and a 100 word biography in the notes section of the application form).
  • We use your Vimeo links to share with Aerowaves Partners before our Annual Meeting in October - so that they can do their homework!

Tips for making your video

Since our selection process is assisted by watching a video recording, it's really important that you think about how your work will come across.

  • The video should be a fairly simple record of a public performance of the work from beginning to end
  • If you are applying with an edited version of a longer work, the video you provide must be of the shortened version. This version must be available for performance
  • It should include close-ups and wide shots – think about how best to represent the work in terms of details / angles / capturing the scale
  • Promotional videos are not acceptable, nor are videos of any work other than the one with which you are applying to Aerowaves
  • Please try and keep the size of the file to under 2GB

Application Form


Company Details

Required fields are denoted with an asterisk *

Contact/Address details

Details of the piece with which you are applying

Every application must be accompanied by a link to a recording of the work on Vimeo. Please insert the password if your video is private.

Company Members

List all company members who tour with this piece


If you are invited to perform in Spring Forward, please select all dates you would be available:


Final Notes

Please include a 100 word statement about the work (this can include factual and contextual information) and a 100 word biography.

Anything else we should know about this piece? E.g. upcoming performance dates / important technical information.


All these boxes must be checked before you submit your application


Add me to the Aerowaves Mailing List

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be resident in Europe to apply
  • You may apply with only one work per year
  • The work you are submitting must have been produced in geographical Europe
  • Aerowaves is a platform for short works - your work must be 15-40 minutes in length
  • Your work must be finished and have been presented to the public which can include a studio sharing - work in progress or rehearsal footage are not eligible
  • Your work should be easily included in a double or triple bill and have simple technical requirements
  • You may not apply if you are currently completing an undergraduate degree (or other full time professional dance training), or with work made within the framework of full or part time dance education (except a PhD) eg. BA, MA or any other qualification offered by an institution or group of institutions. An exception may be made if it can be shown the work has entered the professional arena - contact info@aerowaves.org if this applies to you.
  • You must fill in the Aerowaves application form correctly, upload your video to Vimeo, providing us with the link and the password if necessary and enabling 'download' in the settings (so we can download it) - also include a 100 word statement about the work in the description box (this can include factual and contextual information). Please also include this statement and a 100 word biography in the notes section of the application form. If you don't have a Vimeo Plus account, please read the instructions under 'Providing your video on Vimeo'
  • Previous Aerowaves applicants, successful or unsuccessful, may apply again - but you cannot apply with the same work twice unless it was submitted in 2019 (due to the exceptional circumstances of Covid-19)
  • For Spring Forward, expenses are paid and fees are based on €100 per person travelling, per performance, in recognition of the additional promotional value of the festival
  • If you are offered performances by our partners, you are responsible for negotiating the conditions

Selection criteria

These criteria have guided the decision making of the Partners for the last 21 years:

  • The work is propelled by a good idea
  • Choreographed with an originality motivated by this idea
  • Which has the confidence to omit the superfluous
  • With a clear and sturdy structure
  • Danced with clarity, verve, commitment and assurance
  • That will look good presented under limited technical conditions
  • From a company that has not toured much abroad
  • But whose experience might be enriched through Aerowaves
  • And that will have a future

After you apply

  • After you submit your online application, you will receive a confirmation email (this is not automated so it will take a few days)
  • All eligible applications will be reviewed at the annual Aerowaves Partner meeting at the end of October
  • A selection of Aerowaves Twenty artists will be finalised by a vote in the week following the Aerowaves Partner meeting
  • Selected candidates will be notified by email and the Aerowaves Twenty will be published online
  • If you are selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty you will be programmed in Spring Forward, and may be offered performance invitations by our Partners
  • Even if you are not selected, you may still be programmed in Spring Forward and have the chance of being offered performances by our Partners
  • Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants, we cannot offer individual feedback on the works submitted

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