Artist Resources 8 tips for Aerowaves Artists building an international career in dance

  1. Maximise your exposure

    Send us everything we need to fill out your artist profile. Add Aerowaves to your mailing list. Upload your performance dates to the Aerowaves Calendar. Share news with us on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Let people know

    Apply the Aerowaves Twenty logo on your website and on promotional materials you create for the work that has been selected.

    When you're talking about your dance work, make sure you let people know you're one of the Aerowaves Twenty.

  3. Spring Forward

    Programming for Spring Forward is done during November and December each year. As an Aerowaves Artist you may be invited to perform. If you are: a modest fee will be offered, in addition to per diems, travel and accommodation costs to cover the whole weekend, agreed by contract.

    If you're not invited to Spring Forward to perform, don't worry – programmers will still consider your work!

  4. Research our partner organisations

    Think about where your work might fit – in terms of aesthetics and scale. Seek advice about possible international contacts from your local Aerowaves representative.

  5. Build your contact database

    As you meet people, keep track of names, organisations and contact details of dance programmers – and other international colleagues. Start with online searches and build a picture of what's out there.

  6. Meeting people in person is best!

    Try to meet international dance programmers or colleagues at festivals in your home country or while you are working abroad. If you are performing your work, invite key programmers – they might not be able to come, but they'll see that you're active. If you have some international tour dates, work with the host venue to identify programmers from the surrounding region who could travel to see your work

  7. Be patient

    Often, it takes a while to build a relationship with a venue or programmer. Keep in touch with those who show a genuine interest – not always with a sales pitch, but keep them informed about what you're working on. Look out for international residency opportunities too – they're a good way of testing out a new connection. The best approach is to think of it as a long conversation.

  8. Be prepared

    If you get offered international touring dates, be ready to send key information like: fees, number in your touring party, technical riders, marketing copy, good quality images, video etc. 

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